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Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

How to I order a SIM card?

You can order our SIM by registering for our service through the Zero AU app.

Delivery & Activation

How do I receive my SIM card?

Zero AU partners with Australia Post to deliver SIM cards nationwide. Once your order has been processed, we'll dispatch your new SIM by Australia Post within 2-5 working days.

Number Porting

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, you can port your existing number from any provider. You can provide the porting details when you complete your registration via the Zero AU app. Just ensure that porting your number out from your existing provider will not result in any termination charges for you.


Billing & Payments

How often am I billed?

Our subscription renews automatically every 28 days.


What are your international roaming plans?

Zero AU currently does not offer international roaming with its plans.

Network Information

What are the APN details for Zero AU?

Our APN details are...